Who are the consumers in my service area?

How do I find a list of pool owners in my city? How do I target only homeowners and exclude renters on my customer list? Many local businesses already know the power of our data but it's time to ask, what can we do for you? Pest control companies, cable providers, restaurants, pool cleaners, mortgage companies and other businesses can all benefit from our data warehouse.

Chances are that if your customers or service area is in Maricopa county or Pinal county (Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale, etc.), we have the data you're looking for. Below are samples of commonly requested data. To see our entire dataset or for questions, please contact us.

Common data points:

The following are sample data points available for purchase, please contact us for a definitive list.
  • Owner / Renter addresses
  • Pool owners
  • Renters
  • New homes
  • Homeowners
  • Notice of Trustee’s sale
  • Mailing addresses by value
  • Mailing addresses by radius
  • Vacant land

Superior Mobile Home Services, a client testimonial

"I've had a home repair service company for over 25 years in Arizona. Targeting our customers has always been a challenge. The service we offer is unique. With the help of The Information Market team, we have overcome this. With their expertise and knowledge, our gross sales have continued to increase. Direct mailing is what keeps us in business. Much of our success is because of them. I tell them what I need and they get it done! Great to work with!"
—  Wes Dell, Superior Home Services

Purchase data:


Sample data: